Why we’ve partnered with WiD UK 2018?

At RBS we recognise the importance that data plays in the future of our organisation and are proud to be building an inclusive bank that is a great place for all colleagues to work. It’s for this reason that we’re excited to be partnered with Women in Data UK this year.

Spotlight on Jenny Hurley

Name: Jenny Hurley
Job Title: Head of Data Science, Commercial Banking, RBS
Education: BSc in Statistics & Psychology and MSc in Biometry

Since graduating, I have spent the last 15 years working in Data and Analytics. One of the great things about a career in Data and Analytics is the versatility it gives you in your career. And I have been lucky enough to work across a variety of sectors (including aviation, retail, academia and finance), solving problems using a range of analytics solutions (forecasting, modelling, insights analysis, and campaign strategy).

I joined RBS 2 years ago. What excites me about the role here is the scope of the problems and the great opportunity to work with people from a range of background and experience. The diversity in the team creates an energy around problem solving and allows us to be more innovative. RBS has also given me a great opportunity to lead a team, and develop as a people leader, which is an element of the job I really enjoy.

Spotlight on Anastasia Nebojanko

Name: Anastasia Nebojanko
Job title: Head of Customer, Strategy & Innovation Analytics, Private Banking, RBS
Expertise: Analytics translator – deep understanding of business needs to ensure sophisticated analytics translate into impact in an organisation, right from ideation to production and adoption
Education: BSc in Mathematics & Economics

I head up the Customer, Strategy & Innovation Analytics team for Coutts and Adam & Company (the Private Banking arm of RBS). The team is based across London and Delhi and we work closely with our executive and senior management to deliver actionable analytics that is focused on improving client experience, generating business growth and responding to strategic challenges.

My background is in statistics and econometrics and I love distilling complex problems into their component parts to find solutions and lead this delivery. My previous role was Programme Lead within Private Banking Front Office Transformation where I was responsible for the organisational design and delivery of a new UK-wide front office operating model. Prior to this, I worked in the COO’s Office implementing a number of successful initiatives across Private Banking; and also in the front office Wealth Management advisory business working with top entrepreneurial clients.

Organisations are on a data literacy journey and I’m passionate about being part of this by using data and analytics to help drive decisions, especially to improve what we do today and how we do it – whether that’s for the benefit of our external customers or internal stakeholders and teams.

Spotlight on Arti Yadav

Name: Arti Yadav
Job title: Analytics Manager, Commercial Banking, RBS
Expertise: Supporting bank in meeting customer objectives while ensuring sound knowledge of data-driven insight is embedded in all the work we do.
Education: MSc Strategic Marketing and BE Computer Science Engineering

I lead a team of analysts within Data & Analytics department of RBS. Day to day my role ranges from providing insight, creating a seamless customer experience, to simplifying the bank’s products suite to drive increased transparency. Overall, putting data at the centre of day to day decision making in the business is my team’s fundamental goal.

I do this by drawing on over 10 years of experience that I have to continue to unlock the power of data and expand the frontier of value creation. In those 10 years I have worn many hats: customer communication strategist, pricing analyst, customer profiling analyst (many more), but one thing that has remained constant is the passion I pour into enforcing the role of data in transforming businesses. With focus shifting heavily towards the culture of innovation in the banking sector I’m thrilled to be part of the innovation wave of data currency!

How RBS see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next 5 years

The highest valued companies today are data driven organisations and we’re now entering an era of hyper-personalisation. Over the next five years there is going to be an accelerated, exponential growth in the volume of data captured, which will lead to new data being created that we’ve not seen before. This in turn will fuel a cycle of new uses for its application.

With the advancements in technology, AI will become more prevalent. This is because of the developments there have been in both infrastructure and computing power that is required to deal with the volume and sophistication of data available. This will mean companies could dramatically change the way they work, with many poised to take full advantage of this, as they are AI-ready. Ultimately it will be our customers who will benefit from this changing landscape.

About RBS

RBS provides a wide range of products and services to personal, commercial and large corporate and institutional customers through a number of well-known banking brands. We have a single, simple purpose – to serve customers well. This is at the core of our ambition to build a bank known for its consistent, high quality customer service. We want to be trusted, respected and valued by our customers, shareholders and communities.