Why we’ve partnered with WiD UK 2018?

Data is at the very heart of everything we do here at EE. From creating the fastest and most reliable 4G network in the UK to leading the way with the next generation of 5G data networks, we strive to help our customers stay better connected. Expertise, innovation and hard work goes into delivering our high-quality data service, and women play a key role. In 2018, we were awarded The Sunday Times’ Best Big Company to Work For, and we continue to make EE a great place to work by creating a diverse and rewarding workplace for everyone. That’s why we’re proud to work with Women in Data 2018.

Spotlight on Ginoth Chandrakumar

Name: Ginoth Chandrakumar
Job Title: Data Manager, Data & Insights
Expertise: Data, Data & Data! Ensuring businesses are using high quality, timely, accurate, advanced, analysed and fit for purpose data and using the data in the right way
Education: BEng in Computer Science and Engineering (First class with distinction), MSc in Information Systems, MSc in Database Systems (Distinction)

Ginoth’s passion for data was born from her school days in Sri Lanka. After achieving her Bachelor of Engineering in India, she moved to the UK to further her studies in Data and has since been working as a data professional in the UK Data Industry.

Ginoth is currently working as a Data Manager within the Data & Insights team at EE. Here, she strives to offer the best possible data to EE’s Digital, CRM and Insights functions to drive company-wide recommendations, and help the company achieve their vision of being market leaders for both network and customer service.

EE has a wide range of data sources, from online all the way to their call centres, and it’s one of Ginoth’s main responsibilities to filter through all this data and supply high quality recommendations to inform EE’s marketing campaigns. For Ginoth, this involves sourcing, cleansing and providing various data forms from multiple systems to the data scientists and/or decisioning teams, to help EE target the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

With an ability to see the bigger picture and make the links between the business and data in each of her day-to-day tasks, Ginoth challenges conventional thinking in Data, helping EE constantly tailor the data-business relationship.

Ginoth always recognises that she always has more to learn and contribute and believes at EE, her passion for data is not only empowered and supported, but rewarded too.

Spotlight on Lauren Gibson

Name: Lauren Gibson
Job Title: Solution Designer
Expertise: Using Data and Insight to improve user journeys on Digital platforms
Education: Industrial Design and Technology, BA HONS DPS

Having achieved a degree in Industrial Design & Technology, Lauren was keen to put into practice the experience she had gained and use the skills she had acquired in the researching of customer needs and the identification of gaps in the market for digital products.

Lauren was fortunate to secure a position on EE’s Digital Graduate Scheme in 2016. EE’s Graduate Scheme allowed her to rotate between different departments. The first rotation was in Digital Planning and Implementation, she then moved into Digital Architecture and Design, Digital Data and Insights and finally completed the scheme in Digital Care. This gave Lauren a rounded understanding of the functions of the digital teams within the departments of EE.

All development at EE is underpinned by data and insight so, with all the available information, EE can truly understand what customers need and want. While part of the Data and Insights team Lauren learnt about the importance of reading and then interpreting data into meaningful insights which contributed to informing business decisions.

Lauren has carried this into her current role as a Solution Designer. The most important part of her day-to-day work is utilising data and insights to understand how customers use EE’s digital platforms. Lauren brings the harvested data to life to inform user experience and improve the customer journey.

Lauren is just at the start of what she hopes to be a successful career in digital. Lauren has been afforded a great deal of support from EE in everything she has done so far as a woman working in a male-dominated industry. She believes this is indicative of EE’s commitment to championing women in this industry. Lauren has recently been promoted from the graduate scheme to that of a permanent role as a Solution Designer.

Spotlight on Leana Kielkowicz

Name: Leana Kielkowicz
Job Title: Head of Customer Decisioning, Sales & Marketing
Expertise: Using data, analytics and real time context to deliver 1-2-1 customer sales experiences, consistently across multiple channels

Leana has worked in the telecommunications industry for the past 15 years (13 in EE) and most of her career has centred around 1-2-1 customer decisioning and sales journey personalisation.  Leana specialises in applying data, analytics and machine learning to tailor experiences for individual customers. With the growing expectation from EE’s customers to anticipate and meet their needs, applying science to the decisions they make to stay both competitive and relevant, is more important than ever before.

When Leana started her career at EE all those years ago she did not have a degree or Masters but through hard work and determination, coupled with support & guidance from some strong female technical leaders, she worked her way up the organisation to get where she is today. Today, Leana takes pride in creating the same opportunities for all members of her team and uses herself as an example that anything is possible if you have the drive and ambition.

How EE see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next 5 years

The staggering amount of data used and captured will continue to grow at a rapid rate over the next five years. Google already processes around 3.5 billion searches per day, over 500,000 tweets are posted online each minute, and 4 million videos are viewed on YouTube every 60 seconds. An increase in the number of connected devices we each own over the next five years will drive data usage exponentially – internet-connected home heating systems, appliances and security products are likely to become the norm. Then there’s the advancement of self-driving cars, drones and other exciting technology – driven by newer, faster and more reliable 5G data networks, which EE is leading the way in delivering to the UK. This growth in data will continue to promote data-driven decisions and will help push the boundaries of what’s possible with machine learning. But it will also create huge challenges for data storage, manipulation and protection, and raise fundamental questions around its governance and regulation.

About EE

EE, part of the BT Group, is the largest and most advanced digital communications company in Britain, delivering mobile and fixed communications services.

EE has approximately 553 retail stores, and services more than 31 million connections across its mobile, fixed and wholesale networks.

EE runs the UK’s biggest and fastest mobile network, pioneering the UK’s first superfast 4G mobile service in October 2012. EE’s 4G coverage today reaches 90% of the UK geography and 99% of the population. EE’s superfast fibre broadband service covers around 80% of the UK population, and ADSL broadband service covers 98.7% of the population.