Why we’ve partnered with WiD UK 2018?

Document Logistix has partnered with Women in Data UK again this year as we have seen the positive work WID UK has done to develop a community in which Data professionals find support and inspiration. We are pleased to have our name associated with an organisation that is focused on promoting the place of Data Science in industry as well as nurturing women within the data sector.

Spotlight on Emilie Barlow

Name: Emilie Barlow

Emilie is a Sales Consultant in digital document workflow management and compliance. She’s proud to work for one of Women in Data UK’s founding sponsors, and is delighted to be able to attend with some of her female customers who have roles in senior management, in order to ‘spread the WiD word.’

Being in the minority gender in the tech world, she campaigns for more women in leadership roles and runs regular networking events in the Midlands and London.

She’s a specialist in Data privacy and presents on the implications of GDPR in niche sectors such as Legal, Insurance, Housing and Property Management.

How Document Logistix see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next 5 years

The data landscape is constantly changing. However, over the next five years, we expect to see more organisations engaging in a data-driven approach to business operations, sales and customer services. We know we’ll see more decisions —particularly complex decisions— made quickly using data, in conjunction with artificial intelligence.

With this comes the challenge of moving to Machine Learning and deploying the right algorithms. We’re advocates for artificial intelligence, and we want to be part of the education process to help organisations harness the power of their data, in the right way.

We’re also seeing the analytics revolution driving innovation into areas such as DevOps and DataOps; as teams need to embrace standardisation development techniques and practices, such as version control and continuous integration. This creates growth opportunities for all of us in the analytics community.

About Document Logistix

Document Logistix is a Finalist in this year’s Document Management Awards. The company is a leading document management software and solutions provider. Our work is associated with enterprise content management (ECM) and content services. In addition to core information capture, storage, retrieval and retention functions, Document Logistix is involved with automated workflow, business intelligence and systems integration that build efficiency and better user experiences. We work across many industry sectors, including retail, banking, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics. A significant business driver for many of our customers is data privacy (GDPR) and security, where we can help with compliance, retention automation and greatly reduce the burden of internal and regulatory audits,