Why we’ve partnered with Women in data…

NewDay is proud to partner with Women in Data because great technology and data sits at our heart. The success of our customers and our own business growth depends on attracting the best diverse talent in the industry.

Sarah Jones, Product Owner


Expertise: UX and user journeys, behavioural insight, financial education 
Career pathway: Debt advisor, change and improvement specialist, product owner
Social media: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-jones-b1296a165/

Sarah is a product owner at NewDay and a trained debt adviser, with extensive experience in helping people manage their money digitally. She started her NewDay career in 2017 as a Collections change and improvement specialist. Sarah impressed her managers and directors with her delivery skills and customer-first mindset, and was quickly identified as key talent.
Opportunity knocked with a fast-track development programme in her department: this opened up stretch opportunities to lead the definition of business requirements for a new Debt Collections tech platform, and access to individual mentoring. More recently, Sarah joined NewDay’s 2021 hackathon programme, working with data scientists and developers to make sure her team’s project solution was actionable and rooted in clear user insight, and that technical specifications addressed user pain points while creating business value.
In her current role as product owner, Sarah owns the business solution for the front-end Collections product for agents. She leads delivery for a 6 strong team of developers and testers, working from NewDay’s offices in Leeds, London and virtually.
Sarah’s work has impact for thousands of customers. She is proud of her career progress so far, and her successful pivot into tech. Her goal is to continue to deepen her knowledge, with a particular focus on infrastructure, systems and cloud services. Her dream job would be to work as a Solutions Architect.

Gráinne Toner, Manager of Data and Marketing Effectiveness


Expertise: Financial marketing analytics and data visualisation.
Education: BSc Biomedical Science , MSc Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics (Queens University, Belfast)
Social media: www.linkedin.com/in/Gráinne-toner-9562ba14a

Gráinne’s early career has spanned public sector and fintech roles, working in medical data, social housing and financial marketing analytics. As a confident introvert, Gráinne was initially drawn to analyst roles as a way to work independently. However, she has grown to love the opportunity to collaborate and deliver value across functional siloes.

She credits powerful role models in her university and early career with pushing her to view data as an engine to drive business strategy and performance. This has encouraged her to think and behave more strategically to influence the projects she moves forward. Gráinne has focused on achieving breadth as a T-shaped analyst, and this was a motivation for her decision to move from Belfast to develop her career in London. She has worked at NewDay since 2019, where she is an advocate for NewDay’s culture of continuous feedback and learning.

Gráinne enjoys the fast pace and varied nature of her role as Manager of Data and Marketing Effectiveness at NewDay. Her personal values are well aligned with the company’s purpose to help people move forward with credit. She views her team’s role as a source of truth in the wider team, enabling marketers, credit decisioning specialists, product owners and developers to make fast and accurate decisions, based on validated insights that tell a clear story.

Gráinne’s ambition is to develop her reach and impact as an analytics leader, to become a fintech Chief Data Officer by 2030. She is proud to be a member of Women in Data.

Outside work, her interests include house renovations and taking her English bull terriers for countryside walks.

“The success of our customers and our own business growth depends on attracting the best diverse talent in the industry.”

How newday sees the data landscape changing in the UK in the next five years

At NewDay, we’ve built a highly scalable, brand agnostic, feature-rich platform that can be deployed as a cost-effective service to power other institutions, making the best relational use of data. Our own brand and partnership products power over 120 million transactions each year, giving us a unique vantage point.

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