Roisin McCarthy

Rachel Keane

Payal Jain

Payal Jain is a Managing Director and Chair of Women in Data UK. She was formerly Managing Director, Strategic Analytics, Barclaycard Europe and is a dedicated champion of data and diversity. In 2016 Payal was awarded the title No1 Data Titan in The DataIQ Big Data 100.

Co-founders of WiD UK Roisin McCarthy and Rachel Keane have more than 26 years of recruitment experience in the data market.

They have seen the discipline of analytics evolve to become a cornerstone of many businesses and organisations from being a subset of many department in the past. Roisin and Rachel have been fortunate to work with many of the data sectors trailblazers and their insight is unrivalled.

Having been trained as executive search consultants, recruitment is their mother tongue, however data practitioners and their environments are the areas of specialism that run throughout their careers. Over the last 18 years Roisin and Rachel have facilitated some of the most influential careers in the data world and assisted in building some of the most cutting edge teams in industry.

Datatech and its recruiters have always seen the data space as a barometer; when companies are expanding or contracting teams, it’s a clear indication of movement in the wider market. They also get to monitor developments in technology and techniques and are ahead of the curve in industry trends.

Roisin and Rachel had a clear objective at the beginning of 2015, for both Datatech and the wider data community, to highlight the achievements of, and opportunities for women. This is not a cause or a mission for the ladies; it makes great business sense. By balancing teams and facilitating more female careers it broadens our client base.