WID 2017


The number of women in STEM, and in Data in particular, has historically been very low, and remains unrepresentative. We see that many of our forward thinking customers are actively striving for a diverse workplace, and reaping the benefits of the complementary traits and skillsets that brings.

Data and Analytics are at the centre of XLCubed’s business and we are proud to sponsor Women in Data UK’s mission to promote both the data sector and diversity. We have seen in our customers’ businesses around the world how teams are improved by having gender balance, and we are delighted to be part of an event that promotes women data practitioners.


Some descriptionXLCubed is a leading provider of Business Intelligence and Analytics software.

Most business intelligence tools try to replace Excel, yet it remains the most commonly used software among data professionals. XLCubed embraces Excel and optimises it for data-connected BI and reporting, with the addition of straightforward web and mobile distribution.

XLCubed gives data professionals and analysts the flexibility and power to manage data complexity, to gain insights and to design and publish reports quickly and effectively, to leverage skills they already have.

Our solution is compatible with the major data platforms and is used worldwide in every industry sector, including finance, retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, construction and oil and gas.

XLCubed is a customer-focused company with over 700 customers and 30 partners across the globe.



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Rather than placing a spotlight on an individual data scientist, we would like to point to the growing numbers of women in senior roles in our larger partners around Europe, and in larger enterprises generally.

The change is happening slowly, but in the last few years is observable. We are also seeing an increase in the number of women data professionals who attend our user groups. It is quite clear that women bring something different and complementary to data teams, which is a point that was well made at the WiD UK inaugural event.

While larger organisations seem to have been the first to embrace the wide-reaching value of diversity, XLCubed believes that any business, including SMEs, will enjoy benefits from improved gender balance among their data and technical staff. Data’s value is in the insight people gain from it, and a broader range of perspectives leads to more valuable insights.

Contributors at our recent DACH region user conference included Carolin Ruprecht, a senior consultant from one of our major European partners pmOne. Carolin was instrumental in helping disseminate best practices in analytics, reporting and data visualisation to a widespread audience in central Europe and provides a good example of how data talent breeds success and delivers value to the employer. Carolin has recently moved to a consultant role within Lufthansa Industry solutions.

Another key contributor was Kristina Wittig, Senior Business Analyst for DWH / BI at Air Berlin. Her depth of Analytics expertise and attention to detail make her an ideal role model for women making their way in data.


How XLCubed see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next 5 years

With the proliferation of smart devices and IoT, both the volume and breadth of data that companies are trying to address will undoubtedly continue to expand. Organisations will continue to seek competitive advantage through making better-informed, data-based decisions as the pace of change increases further.

Alongside the focus on Big Data, IoT and the new technologies they spawn, in our experience many organisations are still struggling with small and medium data. Internal Data Warehouses and Data Marts may be in place, but business users and analysts often don’t have tools that provide intuitive and flexible access to them, so they are stuck in a frustrating model of reverting to IT for report changes and specific pieces of analysis. Improving responsiveness and turnaround times in these areas by empowering the analysts and business users will continue to be a parallel focus in the coming years.