WID 2017


The data science field is booming as advanced analytics and big data become primary players in the boardroom. Although women make up half of the world’s population, it is well-known that they don’t even come close to parity in the STEM fields. One of the key steps to motivate women of all ages to actively contribute to data science is to engage in meaningful and supportive discussion about best practices, exchange personal experiences and build a data community. We have partnered with WiD UK this year as it is a great opportunity for us to promote both the data sector and diversity.


QuantumBlack is an advanced analytics firm operating at the intersection of strategy, technology & design to improve performance outcomes for organisations. Acquired by McKinsey & Company in 2015, we were founded seven years ago to help our clients improve their asset, human, and operational performance by applying cutting-edge analytics to make the most of their data. With roots in Formula One, we now work across sector with some of the world's leading organisations in advanced industries, healthcare and finance.

We established QuantumBlack to re-imagine how organisations could continuously improve and out-learn their rivals. We want to change the world by solving one problem at a time and helping our clients use their own data to drive better decisions. Our mission is to help foster a culture of elite performance by eliciting the right input and enabling the right decision from the right data delivered in the right way.



Spotlight on Clare Kitching

sponsor employee

Name: Clare Kitching
Job Title: Principal, Analytics
Expertise: Working with clients to improve their performance with data and embed advanced analytics into their organisation
Education: BSc (hons) (Mathematics & Statistics), BEng (hons) (Electrical) at University of Melbourne Masters of Advanced studies in Mathematics at University of Cambridge

Clare Kitching's story

Clare loves the blend of art and science in the world of data. Finding new insights through exploring and modelling the data is exciting, but combining that with domain knowledge and the ability to change organisations, is where the magic happens.

Clare has worked in consulting for most of her career. She joined McKinsey & Company just as small groups of advanced analytics capabilities were growing. Initially, she worked in marketing & sales analytics, focusing on telecommunications and retail industries. Moving to QuantumBlack, Clare started to focus on advanced industries – areas such as automotive and aerospace. The challenges of working with data at QuantumBlack can be quite different. Most projects bring together diverse data sources on people, processes and assets and a lot of the data can be of dubious quality as it is not automatically generated, but relies on human entry. However, the focus on working with clients to improve their performance through data continually excites her and poses new challenges!

Clare enjoys working in the data science world. It’s continually evolving so there’s always the challenge to learn new skills and adapt ways of working.