WID 2017


Inclusion and diversity are core threads which run through our culture at Accenture. It’s also our belief that a data-native mindset is key to driving disruption. It is with these things in mind, we are pleased and proud to partner with WiD 2017. Getting the most out of data means getting the most out of all the talented minds we have at our disposal.

Through our end-to-end approach, we embed analytics into the fabric of our clients’ business to create new intelligence and unlock trapped value at unprecedented speed and scale. Powered by new data, new science and new technology, we work with clients to drive digital transformation at the core of their business, delivering cost efficiencies and new revenue growth now.

We call this Applied Intelligence.


Spotlight on Athina Kanioura

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Name: Athina Kanioura
Job Title: Global Data Science Lead
Expertise: Specialist in applied statistics and machine learning; focuses include personalization; customer analytics and pricing
Education: BSc in Economics and Shipping; MSc in Economics and Finance; PhD in Macroeconomics and Econometrics

Athina Kanioura's story

Dr Athina Kanioura

Athina Kanioura is Accenture’s Global Data Science Lead. She comes to us a with a wealth of knowledge and insight which she has amassed over an impressive career, both in academia and business. Her specialism is in applied statistics and machine learning. Athina’s 12 years’ practical experience have seen her focus her expertise on a wide range of areas, including personalization; customer analytics; pricing; omnichannel optimization; enhancing marketing and communication effectiveness and content optimization. She adds enormous value to our own capabilities from a career which has encompassed innovation in sectors ranging from Telecommunications, Hi-tech industries and Life Sciences to FMCG, Financial Services and Resources.

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Spotlight on Janette McQuillan

Name: Janette McQuillan
Job Title: Data Science Consultant

Janette McQuillan's story

"My job feels like I am a digital detective, I get to solve complex problems through the exploration of data".

I’ve always loved problem solving. I think this inspired my academic choices. I have a BSc in Mathematics, Statistics & Operational Research and a PhD in Statistics & Operational Research at Queen’s University Belfast. I also completed an MSc in Statistics at University College Dublin. These are the building blocks which have enabled me to succeed throughout my career.

Before I came to Accenture, I was as a Data Science Consultant for QuintilesIMS. This involved using real-world evidence to address big data challenges in healthcare across a range of disease areas. Before that, I was the Statistician on the multi-disciplinary Citizen Science team at Cancer Research UK.

The pathologists we worked with had a huge amount of data they were struggling to analyse. As part of the Citizen Science team, I helped to develop mobile gaming apps that allowed the public to support our pathologists and get involved with cancer research. We developed machine learning algorithms that resulted in a greater than 90% agreement between the public and our expert pathologists in the classification of cancer cells.

Two main things brought me to Accenture. Firstly, I came to an open night and was really impressed by the wide variety of fascinating projects the business was working on. The second was the reassurance I was given by the female panel members at the event that Accenture was fully committed to supporting and advancing women in their career development.

When you consider that Data has the potential to completely transform the world we live in, you can begin to get an idea of why it is so important to us. The surge in the use of social media in recent years has led to the generation of a huge amount of data we can help businesses tap into. The exploration and interrogation of this data enables us to create solutions which enable them to provide a more useful service tailored to their customers’ needs.

In term of what I’d like to achieve, I’d say being a good role model is an important focus. I want to encourage young girls to pursue a career in analytics. It’s fun, challenging and interesting.

My favourite quote is something Ralph Waldo Emerson said. I think this sums up both what inspires me and what drives Accenture too: “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." Every project we work on presents new challenges and gives you lots of opportunities to do just that. What’s more, a career in analytics will allow you to shape the world we live in. What could be more inspirational?

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Spotlight on Ana Madrid

Name: Ana Madrid
Job Title: Senior Manager

Ana Madrid's story

“I was attracted to working at Accenture by its emphasis on diversity.”

As it happens, my name is ‘Madrid’ and this is also where I come from. I could never have imagined as a child doing what I do now; living and working in London especially. Before joining Accenture, I worked at Deloitte. This was after having studied economics in Spain, with an emphasis on econometrics.

As far as I’m concerned, being a data-driven organization is the only way to be. Data Analytics and Big Data is already shaping what we do and, as we are focused on and committed to generating great results for our clients, I can only see it becoming increasingly important to our work in future. Data is a crucial part of what we do here. It also helps us to build the credentials we need to evidence our capabilities.

Diversity will also continue to play a key role. Data gives us a new perspective on how we approach our client’s issues; it therefore makes sense that we embrace as many different perspectives on what that data is capable of.

In my current role, I create new Artificial Intelligence products. It involves a great deal of stakeholder management and lots of difficult technical decisions which, in turn, means you can usually find me in meetings. This reflects the collaborative approach we take to work at Accenture. I’m looking forward to more exciting times ahead. The next big thing on my professional horizon is exploring the scalability of AI.

My inspiration is Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. She was more concerned with reading and doing what she saw as morally right than with social status. These values and this approach to life I like to reflect in my own.

In terms of my future, I’d like to be able to help others to grow. I believe very much in persevering personally but also giving others the opportunities they need to release their potential. I’d like to see a world where we have more equal rights. This means leveraging diversity to achieve this. People are what make Accenture special; they make working here special too. I’m proud to be part of what we achieve together as a business.